Living Room- Version 2.0

A few months ago I wrote a post about finding new purpose for things we already have in order to kindle a love for what surrounds us in our homes. Over the last two months, I haven’t done too much around my house, but I did rearrange the living room for a couple of reasons.

The first reason was because I wanted to open up the  floor space a little more, and create a more spacious sitting area that flowed with the dining area better. I loved how it was set up previously, but I felt that it centered around our gas fireplace, which we only use for about 3 months a year with the warmer weather we are blessed with here in NC. {You can see that the original set up here.} It was inviting to no one to just come in and sit and talk. Because I had created the divide between the living room and dining room with the sofa, when people came over, they instantly migrated to sit at the dining room table instead of the sitting area and {I’m not entirely sure why} this really bothered me. I guess I just feel like, I have all these comfortable sitting places, why are we gathering into a much smaller space, at a table that I need access to while I’m cooking for those gathered and are leaving the entire open sitting area unoccupied?!  {Call me crazy, but  isn’t that the purpose of a  living room}.


{View from the Dining Room looking into the Living Room}


{View from the Living room looking into the Dining Room}

The second reason I rearranged was because I was gifted these amazing second-hand chairs to be used as additional seating in this area.  The way the couch  and arm chair had been organized before, didn’t allow the new additions to be used. I personally love the natural wood arms and framing  mixed in with deep blue and beige/gold print found on the seat. I still would like to find some small accent pillows for the back as the frame is a little uncomfortable to lean back on for long periods of time with the crisscrossing of wood, but aren’t they adorable?!


{My cat, Averi, loves them in particular.}

The other thing I rearranged on the main floor was my gallery wall. When I first put it up, my couch was at the angle perpendicular with the wall of the fireplace and I felt it helped define the space more. {You can see that post here.} However, when I opened up the living space with the new arrangement, the entire space shifted down a few feet, leaving the gallery wall off-center to both the living space and the entire wall {This wall is a BIG wall, so it was very obvious}. Every time I  looked at it, I rolled my eyes! I couldn’t stand it! I also wasn’t very pleased with the arrangement I had previous used, so I took the  opportunity to rethink it and spread it out more across the entire wall. Going forward, I am going to  be able to rearrange the living/dining room furniture and never have to worry about the wall décor again because it is centered and displayed in a way that I can work around {and add to as the years pass us by}.


I will confess, I didn’t patch up my old holes however. I am in  the process of picking out new paint colors and gearing up to paint all the walls on this floor a new color {and probably the rest of the  house as well} and will take care of that then. I actually have no idea what color is currently in use on the walls {it’s a yellowish beige color that I am very quickly getting tired of looking at it. It seems to age the house and contents more than I’d like}, and wouldn’t be able to paint over the patched parts at the moment. So for  now, a couple of small holes is less noticeable than a patch of plaster, and  that is just fine in my book!

The last things I moved were the sofa table and I switched the mirror above the fireplace {but more on that in a later post}. Prior, the sofa table had been behind the couch when it was angled to the wall and parallel to the fireplace. There, it supported the lights I’d repurposed from our old bedroom in the ranch home to the living room for more modern lighting. With the repositioning of the furniture, I had to find a new place for it. Sitting it inside out bay window provided a perfect spot for it. Now I have can display a gorgeous lamp from Scully & Scully that was given to us as a wedding gift from some really special family friends. In addition, from the outside, it creates a warm and inviting feel to the house for people approaching. The only thing holding me back from LOVING this space, are those horrid shutters! Once I paint in the upcoming weeks {I hope} I plan on removing those and replacing them with some fun curtains.


So here is the updated pictures of  the main floor. I’m really happy with its progress. I’ve really been taking my time gathering ideas and trying things in new places. This floor is by far the most put together and my personal happy place in the house at the moment. I can’t wait to see it continue to progress! I’ve got a quick DIY  project coming up for the dining room bay window that I’ll share soon and currently researching some new light fixtures for the spaces as well {I’ll be looking for some opinions on those soon}. I also am considering a new rug for the living area, but I love my hardwoods so much I don’t know if I want to cover them up, even partially! In the meantime, onward, and upward {literally, I’ve got to get the office upstairs organized already so I can share it with you all! There were so many fun things I tried and can’t wait to share!!!}

Happy Tuesday all!

Decorative Fabric Frames

I’ve been working away this week and last on a couple of things for the office space in our house. It feels so good to finally be making progress in there and to be able to finally be working on some of my crafts that I’ve been planning on doing for a while now. {Life really got in the way there for a little bit!}

One of the easier crafts that I’ve started are my Fabric Frames. I am absolutely in love with the way they have turned out! I can’t wait to show you them in the actual office, but you {and I} will have to be patient for just a few more days before I can actually put them up on the walls and reveal the office! It’s a quick and easy way to add texture, print and personality to a small wall or room!


This project was relatively cheap to do. The total came up to right around twenty-two dollars, give or take a few bucks. The first thing I had to do was gather the materials. A about a year ago I found this AMAZING fabric store in South End, Charlotte, NC called Modern Fabrics {thanks to my sister-in-law Elisabeth over at More. A Vegan Blog}. They get a lot of their fabrics from designer and luxury furniture companies who are retiring fabrics and such and then sell them at anywhere from 50%-75% off list prices {O.M.G- totally interior-designed geeked out over here when I found that out!}. There is so much to choose from, one would never have a problem finding something to work for whatever the space or project is! Not to mention, the people who work there are so knowledgable and helpful!

For this project, I returned and went straight to their fabric scraps bin. At $5-$7 dollars a pound, it’s a steal! Just be flexible with the look you’re going for because you never know what they have in there. After about 15 minutes of digging around and searching, I found four pieces I wanted to put together and use for this project. I decided on neutral colors to go with the décor and colors for the office. When checking out, I got a discount for paying cash on my purchase- SWEET BONUS!


My next stop was Michaels for these sewing circles. Each size was a different price, but that ranged from one to two dollars at the most each. Lastly, Home Depot for the spray paint.

Using part of the painting drop cloth I was using in the painting of my book shelves in the office, my next  step was to spray paint the rims  of the sewing  circles. I did this in our back drive way {I think it goes without saying, do not use spray paint in your house if you can avoid it!} I realized after I started that it was pointless to spray paint the inner circles as they were going to be tucked in under the fabric swatches, but once I started, I had to finish! I used two  coats for  each circle with some touch up spots.


My one piece of advise on this is DO NOT complete this activity on a plastic drop sheet like I did. The spray paint dried to  the plastic and when I lifted the frames up, it either pulled and ruffled the paint on the rims, or resulted in excess hanging from the edges. I imagine if I’d either been more patient with the drying process, or not used plastic, I wouldn’t have had this problem. In the end, I didn’t care enough  to redo it, so I just left it. In the final product, you can’t really tell unless you’re looking for the imperfections anyways.

Once the paint is dry, all you need to do is decide what part of the fabric print you want to be displayed and encircle the parts by placing the smaller inner circle under the  fabric and fitting the larger circle on top of the fabric. When done and you have it situated just the right way {make sure you won’t want to change anything including where the tightening screw pieces are when hanging} you can cut away any excess fabric from the back. Viola! You are done! I can’t wait to see these hanging up in my office soon!

{Forewarning-if you have a kitty cat, they really like this project with the extra fabric! My Averi really wanted to help out!}



I love this project! Its flexible, super easy and definitely personable to your tastes and decorating style. The best part is, now that I have bought and painted the circle frames, I can change out the fabrics whenever I want! These sweet circles would go great as a quartet by themselves, or mixed into a gallery wall. I could even see them being used with the right fabrics mixed in with decorative plates on the wall in the living or dining room! The possibilities are endless!

If you do this project, please share pictures of your finished products! I’d love to see what you did!

Back In Action

Hey all!

Its been a hot minute since I last posted! With the end of the school year, the itty-bitty summer I was able to have before Summer School started {one week!!!} and then the start of the new school year, I just haven’t had a minute to spend on the blog. The good news, I’m back and ready to get sharing again! First thing I’m sharing is this FANTASTIC meme I scrolled through earlier this weekend that just had me laughing out loud. This is for all my teaching friends out there!

Teachers after first week

{I do not know who to give credit to this- please let me know if you do so I can do so}

During my absence I realized that while I love home decor and improvement- its a slower process than I was anticipating and lets be honest, can be expensive! I started this blog to share my experiences and bounce ideas around home decor and improvement, but realized that there were many other things I enjoy doing in my life outside of just this. Honestly, I’ve spent so much time doing these other things lately, that I haven’t had that much time to spend on creating the home I want and love as of late, and it’s a great thing! Its giving me opportunities to become inspired and learn what I want reflected within my home. So because of that, I’m expanding my blog posts to include additional aspects of my life that I enjoy doing- like cooking, traveling, reading, and spending time out and about Charlotte with family and friends. I’m hoping that I’ll have much more interesting material for you all and inspire you to try new things, get out and do stuff, and give myself some more creative outlets at the same time.

Think of it as a Refined Renovation of not just my house to home, but now the blog and for me personally! I was stressed about what this change in direction for the blog would mean for the name I’ve chosen to use and registered, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it works still! The word {renovation} implies, changing, improving, and growing, so why not allow that to encompass not just my house, but my person as well!

I hope you will continue to follow along with me and who knows- maybe be inspired to try some new things, read a new book, or go do something different!

Live Life Happy

Cheers to being back!


A Walking Tour of Hood River, Oregon

Hood River, OR

This past weekend I was near Portland, OR with my husband, brother-in-law, and his girlfriend for a wedding. Everything was beautiful!  The weather, the wedding, the bride, the location. I found myself filled with love, happiness and inspiration!

One of my favorite things to do is take a walk around neighborhoods, especially when I’m in a new place. I feel like, even when I’ve lived in a place for a couple of years, I always discover new things! While I was away, I had the opportunity to walk around the small town of Hood River, where we were staying, which was located about 45 minutes outside Portland. {We used Air B and B for our accommodations and was that ever a WIN! If you’ve never tried it before, do it! Just make sure that you read reviews ahead of time.}  I found myself falling in love with the area. The weather, the scenery, and the homes were just amazing! The character of the houses was captivating. I was so inspired by some of the places I wanted to share them with you.

One of my favorite things that I noticed about the area is that no two houses were the same. Wether it be the design of the house, the color, the material, or landscaping they all had different stories to tell. I think that may be one of the reasons I enjoy walking around neighborhoods so much is because I enjoy thinking about the stories that each house probably has to tell. It’s a nice escape sometimes to daydream about who might be living there. A lot of people take great pride in their homes, and they way they display them says a lot about their styles and who they are as individual home owners. {I say this in the most complimentary of meanings, but that being said, there are certainly homes that reflect neglect and the less appealing side to individuals as well-may not too many of us experience this in our lifetimes!}

That being said, here are the pictures of some of the homes I passed on my walks. These pictures were taken using my iPhone. I did the best I could, but I apologize if they aren’t the greatest angles, or completely level; the hills there are ridiculous!

Blue Tin Roof


The first place I noticed was this cute little place that boasted a really unique blue tin roof. While the building below the roof left some room for the imagination {ok, a lot}, this blue roof really popped out in comparison to its neighbors. I have to do more research on the benefits of such a choice for roofing, but it certainly added an element of surprise and beauty to a neighborhood filled with “regular” roofs. I just had to share it!

The next place I saw was this stylish home. As soon as I laid eyes on it I immediately thought of Spain. The color, the style, and different textured materials used around the outside of it! It was definitely unique in a neighborhood filled with lots of craftsmen style homes and traditional one or two story homes.

Spanish Style Home

I don’t know if it was the color of the home or the puttied texture to the walls, the clay shingles, the tiered levels or the shape of the windows, but this place just struck me as beautiful. The landscaping added to its beauty too.

I should mention here that every street was on a tiered level of a hill that lead down to Hood River itself where you could see people enjoying a variety of water sports, including Wind Surfing that is very popular in this area. Because of this, houses on each street are given an amazing view of Mount Hood and Hood River itself, no matter where you were on the hill. I tried to capture the view as best I could here. {Please excuse the power lines- those pesky things were everywhere!}

Hood River and Mount Hood

Below is a better picture of Mount Hood from the airplane on our flight into Portland.

Mount Hood


Stunning isn’t it?!

Anyways, back to our walk through the neighborhood. Another home I found charming was this southern styled home. {When I saw this, I thought I could be walking through my own neighborhood back in Charlotte!} Naturally, I had to take a photo to include in the post because I personally think homes like this are beautiful in the simple fact that they exude history.

Southern Charm


From the white picket fence, to the front/side porch and the bay windows, this house was set back a little in its corner lot from the street. What I wasn’t able to get in the picture was gorgeous garden they had growing the back. You can see some of the roses under the bay window.


Roses were everywhere here. Brilliant colors and shapes and sizes, it was gorgeous!



Continuing my home tour… here is a craftsmen styled home across the street from where I stayed.

Craftsmen Style


The owners clearly did an addition to the back left of this relatively new construction {probably to enhance their view}. I admired their mixed use of textures and materials for the exterior of the home. This was another typical style of house you’d come across in the area.

On Saturday morning, I took a different walk into town. I was able to get to the top of the main street of what could be considered “downtown” Hood River. Let me tell you, it was breath-taking!

Downtown Hood River

This adorable, clean and compact area boosts a plethora of things to do and enjoy! Located in about a three-square block area, this town has lots of unique boutiques for gifts, home decor, and clothing. It also has lots of great restaurants, ice cream shops, a movie theater and my husbands favorite thing, local breweries. Just make sure you have on your comfortable walking shoes because as you can see, it’s a hilly area to walk around! Hood River is down the left, and its about as steep to the left of this picture as it is down this hill pictured above.


{This is one of the restaurants with a lovely outdoor seating area}


{This is one of the Bed and Breakfast place in town; check out the beautiful landscaping!}

I loved the visit to Hood River, Oregon and seriously can not wait to go back! It was my second visit to the West Coast in as many months, and it is quickly becoming my newest, and most favorite place to be! Thanks for the memories, until next time!


Hood River IMG_4032

{Sunrise from the airplane, leaving the West Coast behind}

Hope you enjoyed my trip through Hood River. Have you ever been to there? What is your favorite part of it?

The State Of My Office {Part One}

4 months. Thats how long its been since my husband and I moved in to our new home. We have been so happy with its progress that we sometimes find ourselves sitting down and reflecting on how unbelievable it is that this is our place. That we get to live in this home. We couldn’t be happier anywhere else, seriously! That is such a bold statement to make but I truly believe it!

I’ve been pretty busy in and around the house over the past few months and I’ve been trying to document a bunch of it on here, but there has been a lot that I’ve left off of it too. I’ve done this because it didn’t have to do with home decor and our reinvention of the town home. “Behind the scenes,” my husband and I have been busy {and blessed to have the opportunity} with traveling visiting friends on the East and West Coasts. In fact, since moving, we’ve been to San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Charleston, SC, and most recently Portland, OR. It has been amazing to get to go and see all these places, but it has been exhausting as well. Working full-time jobs, settling into the house, and traveling while keeping up with our two dogs and cat, and our family and friends has taken its toll!

I recognize I still haven’t provided a tour of the new house. The reason is that it is just not ready for one. I know that the house will be a work in progress for years to come, but seriously, there are entire rooms that still have boxes in them, or that have furniture that has been hap-hazardously thrown in with the best intention to revisit it, but I just haven’t had time. I’ve also sort of lost some of the motivation to “finish the job of moving in.” As excited as I am to share and show you all the progress being made, I’ve realized that I’m slacking off and honestly just been lazy. Its has become so bad, that there are boxes that I don’t even notice are there anymore because I am so used to them and they’ve shifted into the background of the room. So with all this in mind, I am going to show you the {State of my Office} because I’m hoping it will be give me motivation to get in gear and get moving!

Ok, here goes…please don’t judge!


{This is standing in the doorway-sorry for the poor lighting, I snapped these on my way out the door early in the AM.}



{Standing in front of the closet door; entry way is to the right}


Antique Desk

{Standing in front of the chair pictured above; closet door would be to the left of the antique desk}

I know it could be worse. But as this room is located at the top of the stairs upstairs, I look right into it when going to my bedroom each time. It causes me stress and annoyance every time! So I’m going to make it my new focus. I have been looking around for some inspiration for the room and found quite a few offices that I love certain elements of. I wanted to share some of these with you because I’m hoping I’m not the only who needs some inspiration to make over a room!

Pink Little Notebook image

{Pink Little Notebook}

Are you not just loving EVERYTHING about this?! Cause I do!!! The wide stripped accent wall is a nice change from a solid printed wall, and the light blue desk is beautiful! Even the styled shelving is adorable. Lots of inspiration here!


Infarrantly Creative Image

{Infarrantly Creative}

I adore this office because of the door. Something so easy and simple to do, but that makes such a stand out impression! I have a door with these types of details in it and I think I may just have to do something similar to it. I also just love the shade of grey used here against the crisp, pure white. And who doesn’t enjoy a girlish addition like the chandelier?! If only my ceiling in the Office room was a little higher…

In both of these rooms, there is a very subtle and neutral color palates {if you haven’t already figured out, that is my kind of style} with pops of colors. I think this is one of the best ways to make a space your own without breaking the bank because down the road, if you get tired of the blue accents, you can switch them out for something different and not spend tons of money or time repainting!

Here is are a couple of office inspirations that involve more color or textures for your browsing pleasure.

1. Chalk Board Paint!!! Genius!!!

Forbes Image


2. Something other than stripes- CHEVON!

The Classy Woman image

{The Classy Woman}

3. Natural wood and metal collide with perfection in this small-work space.

{I love the wall sconce!}

Eva Black Design image

{Eva Black Design}

I’ll be sharing the office’s progress in a second post over the next few weeks- so keep your eyes out! Who knows… maybe I’ll even actually add some color with some paint to one of the rooms for the first time since moving!!


Talk to you soon!

{First Impressions} 5 Ways to Revamp Your Front Door This Spring

We’ve all heard the saying, “you only get one first impression, so make it a lasting one”. Well I’m here to  prove this saying wrong, at least when it comes to your front door. Whether you live in a house, town home, condo, or apartment building, your front door is the first impression someone will get when they visit you! Don’t greet them with a boring, plain front door!  Get out there and get creative! After all, you’re the one who will walk through the door the most, why not make it a glimpse into whats to come when someone walks through it into your home?

Here are my five ways to revamp the entrance your humble abodes front door spaces!


Red Door image

{Saving By Design}

There are so many amazing paint colors out there. Whether your house is full of color or its a heaven of neutrals {like mine currently}, your front door doesn’t have to be a plain, boring black, white, or wood! Especially if the rest of the exterior is neutral, why not give it a pop of color to attract the eye to it? Draw in your guests with something that shows your personality and decorating style. Satori Design for Living also provides a great number of beautiful images for front door color inspiration. {See the picture below for the link!} I recognize that this only works if you own your place and if you’re allowed to! {Our HOA board must approve any exterior changes I want to make, but luckily they are really flexible here- and my husband promptly made himself a part of it after moving here so I have a leg up on this one!}  So if this one doesn’t apply to you, then you probably should just skip to number 3 & 5.


{Satori Design for Living}


2} Change Your Hardware up

This isn’t something many people think about, unless you’re really tuned in to the details of your home. But particularly if you are considering changing the color of your front door, you should take a look at your hardware and probably adjust them as well. There are many different kinds of exterior hardware you can choose from for your door handles and hinges. Get online and research different ones! I was surprised to find that door handles can be as expensive as they are… I mean there were some GORGEOUS ones for $1000 dollars! {I don’t know if I could ever justify spending that much on a door knob, but to each their own… its nice to at least look at them.}

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, then take a look at Home and Garden’s quick and easy tutorial on how to paint your doors hardware a different color! This was seriously, GENIUS! Or so I thought, until I read about this DIY-er over at A Home Full of Color who figured out how to paint her front door hardware, without having to even remove it from the door!!!

Just remember a quick rule of thumb- Nickel and Silver hardware typically looks best with cooler colors {grey, blues, etc.} and Brass or gold hardware is best used with your warmer tones {reds, oranges, etc.} Black hardware is great any which way. Don’t feel limited to these colors and materials. Use the DIY tutorial above and do a neutral door with some fun colored hardware instead! You can use your existing hardware, or go to a ReStore in your area and find some cheap, replacement ones to try this project out!

3} Monograms & Decor


I wouldn’t be able to write this piece without including a little something about monograms. As a Northern Transplant, I didn’t really grow up with monograms, but its one of the Southern things I’ve oh-so-happily adopted in my nine years of living down south. There are so many options for how to incorporate your monogram into the front door. I had the above monogram made for our new home from a Living Social Deal {there are constantly new ones added so keep your eyes open}, but ended up repurposing it for the wall in our bar area {post to come on this}. I’ve seen houses with things similar up in their front doors however and it always looks classy, personable, and clean.

There are so many tutorials out there of different things you can use for your front door, especially on Pinterest. I’ve created a board on my Pinterest Page dedicated solely to front door decor {shameless plug to check out my pins. hint, hint}. I provided a couple of examples for some of my favorites for Spring below.

Front Door Decor

{1} Family Holiday {2} Saving By Design {3} {4 & 5}

4} Lighting

Sconces, Lanterns, and chandeliers… no matter what your style preference is, there is something out there for you. This is going to be my next project and I just can not wait to get started on it! There are so many amazing lighting choices out there today! So many of them are flexible and they are available in a range of colors, sizes and materials- so everyone can find something to meet their taste! Home Depot is always a good go-to for out door lighting.

One of my most favorite blogs, The Inspired Room, did a wonderful post on light fixtures. Seriously, if you haven’t checked Melissa out and her amazing blog {she also just published her first book} take some time to do so. She is an unknowing role model for me in both the blogging and home decor world! Here is her post on exterior light fixtures {featuring lanterns, but it has other options}.

5} Door Mats

Hello Doormat

{Photo Credit: The Graceful Host; Hello Door Mat: Target}

Thats right, I’m talking about door mats. Most people don’t think twice about them. They are something we walk all over and actually want to rub our dirty feet all over before stepping foot into a house. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be dreary and plain! Many people think, but we’re just going to stomp all over it and ruin it, why should we spend money on something like this?!

I recently went to a friend’s place and from the street, I could see her beautiful, bright blue door mat with a beautifully scripted “Hello” printed on it in white. It was so cheery and fun, it made me smile! Its a cute welcome to your guest. It set the mood prior to walking into her gorgeous home! {Side note~ if you are looking for an AMAZING wedding planner/coordinator who is willing to travel and will make your big day that much more incredible, you want to contact Ashley at The Graceful Host! She is better than the best thing you can think of as a professional, and a friend!}

Here are a couple of other favorites that I found:

  Bye Felicia Door Mat


   Hello There Door mat

{Garnet Hill}

Come In, Go Away Door Mat

{For Me, For You}

Whooooo goes there door mat{Hobby Lobby}                  

Knock Knock Door Mat {Mod Cloth}Hello there Dot door mat   {Lulu and Georgia}

I hope this gives you some inspiration for revamping your front door and providing for your guests a great first impression this spring!

What are some of your favorite things to do each spring for your front entry?

7 {Quick and Cheap} Ways to Refresh a Room This Spring

Spring into Action

Spring is one of the greatest revivals of the whole year. Everything begins to wake up fresh and invigorated after a long dreary winter. We in turn begin to be refreshed and more motivated {at least I do each spring} and the need and longing to be outdoors in the warmer weather during the day increases. As the world goes through its “annual rebirth”, we become more aware of the spaces around us, both inside and outside of our homes. As the outside refreshes itself, I find that I often start to look within my own home and want to do the same. In an earlier post, I mentioned bringing the fresh greens and blooms of spring into the house as a way to brighten it up. This is just one quick way to refresh a room however. I wanted to put together a short list of a couple of things that {regardless of the time year} we can do to freshen up a room that has lost its, well, oomph, swagger…whatever you want to call it.

We’ve all been here. Standing in The Room {or part of one}, that we don’t want to go in to or want use for whatever reason. The feeling when looking at it that just screams {BORING} at you. The Room that has been the same way its been since you first moved in or did anything in it months, years, decades and that just does not inspire you. Our homes should be a reflection of who we are. But who we are doesn’t stay the same, so why should our houses?! We are constantly evolving as individuals {and couples if you’re part of one}. Our homes, just like ourselves, should reflect that journey of change, and the person who we were and now are.

So, here is my list of six other ways {aside from flowers and greenery} that we can do to refresh our spaces, so they will continue to inspire us to live through the next few seasons without breaking a budget!

{1} Create an Accent Wall

A lot of people shrink at the thought of painting a whole room. It isn’t the most fun thing to do. But the end result is always worth it with the right color and paint job. That’s not want I’m saying to do here however. Pick one wall in a room, preferable a focal wall {thought it doesn’t have to be} that you are drawn to when entering a room. Paint it a bright or bold new color, create a pattern on it, or go with the latest fad in home decor, wall paper. Yes, it is making a come back in some cute, modern and fun patterns! {I might suggest doing something in a more neutral color however so it will stand the test of time.} There are so many options out there {cough, Pinterest, cough, cough}! Here are just some of the examples you can find around the internet for inspiration.Hal-Navy-Accent-Wall-2

{Decor Adventures}

Bedroom with wall paper

{DIY with Add}

Blue print wall paper image

{Brittany French}

{2} Add Some Layers

This is probably some of the easiest ways you can dress up a room and give it new life. Layer’s are the pieces that blend and bring a room together. Pick one piece or pattern to be your inspiration and build from it. New curtains, a light blanket over a chair or bed, a new rug or throw pillows are considered layering pieces. So are lamps and smaller vignettes such as the tray in the picture below. Layers are what pull all the big things together in a way that appeals to both the eye and your sense of style. Don’t mistake my point here, though. I’m not saying go out and spend a lot of money on all of these. Simply one or two of the options to replace something in or added to the current room will make a world of difference. Another easy way is to create a Gallery Wall or just repurpose art work you already in other places in new spaces!

Traditional Home- Layered Image

{Traditional Home}

{3} Rearrange the Furniture.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. But I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to rearrange furniture. Even the act of simply moving it makes you feel like it’s a whole new room. As a child and teenager living in NYC, space was a commodity and my bedroom was itty-bitty. Just about every two to three weeks, I could spend an hour to two rearranging the little bit of furniture I had in there, just to mix it up and make it feel like I had a new room and not just the same four walls staring at me. It worked, every time.

There are times when I’ve tried several different arrangements and decided that I liked the original way I had and put everything back though. That is ok! By moving it, I was able to clean under and around things that during the week-to-week drive-through cleaning jobs I do, I may have neglected. It still refreshed the room in my eyes, and gave me pause to think about what I could bring into the room that I already owned to be repurposed in a different setting and way. When shopping for home decor now, I always try to think of at least two to three different places I can put it in my home prior to buying it just for this reason.

{4} Appeal to Your Senses

Scent is one of the most powerful senses we have. It ties us to memories, places, and people. So what better way to rejuvenate a room then by making it smell like something that reminds us of happiness. Scents are very much a personal thing. I personally, love lavender everything. And Fresh Linen Scents. Mmmm… the smell of warm, freshly tumbled clothes right out of the dryer is an instant pick me up! So pick up some cheap candles or plug-ins at your local Marshalls, Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, Target, or grocery store and fill up a room with those memories and emotions! Linked below is also an easy DIY for Room scents, which brings me to my fifth way to refresh your home.

DIY Room Scents

{DIY Natural Room Scents}

{5} Try a DIY Project

This is a new one for me and a goal for the upcoming summer. There are crazy awesome ideas all over Pinterest to give you inspiration for your different places and spaces throughout your home. Many of them I have no idea how to tackle. But I’m never going to learn if I don’t try. I tell my students that on the daily. We learn from our mistakes and make memories in process. So this summer, I’m going to pick one of my many DIY projects I’ve pinned over the years on Pinterest and create something for one of the spaces in my house {I’ll make sure to do a post on the process and procedure to share}. Look around, find a space you want to add something to, or a piece of furniture you want to change-up, and find a good DIY project big or small and just go for it! Chances are, if you mess it up, there’s another project out there for you to make something different with that piece, or the fact that the object is now removed from the room completely will allow you to try suggestions 1-3 again! You just won’t know what you’re missing until you try.

{6} Organize the Clutter

This is the hardest one probably for most people. If you’re like me, you’ll clean a room and make a pile of things to, “handle later”. Only, you forget to or don’t want to do it, ever. So it never gets done. Then over the weeks, the pile grows and grows until it isn’t just a pile anymore, but three or four of them in a couple of different rooms. Just make yourself do it. Honestly, there isn’t too much I do that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve made more of a difference on a day-to-day basis within my house than when I tackle the piles of junk mail, shredding, and odds and ends filing that need to be taken care of. I don’t realize how much I am aware of the piles growing and the dread of having to take the time to handle them really weighs on me. But once I take some of that clutter away, I feel so much more free! So tackle your piles of “clutter”, whatever they may be, and pledge to make it a habit to not make those piles anymore {I know, I know, way more easily said than done}. You’ll be surprised at how much you can enjoy the room and space again!


I hope this suggestions inspire you to refresh a space in your home. Please take pictures and share in the comments for others inspiration as well! Happy refreshing!!!

Re-energizing Your Midweek Slump

Charlotte Skyline

Look at this view! How gorgeous is this city’s skyline?! This is why I moved back uptown to urban living! I am so blessed to be living uptown in such a wonderful city. It’s nights like these that I am able to take a step back from the chaos and day-to-day busy-ness that consumes me and remember to take a beat and appreciate standing still where I am. To remember that there is life outside of work and home. That’s a hard thing to do on any given day, but couple it with a Wednesday, in the middle of your work week, and it becomes essential! For the last two weeks, I’ve been taking the time to enjoy this view and sentiment and wanted to share it with you all as well.

Charlotte Skyline

Every Wednesday night, during the months of May to August, Charlotte hosts Party In The Park at Romare Bearden Park from 6-9pm. Each week they rotate in a different local band and people come from all over Charlotte to hang out with family and friends with picnics to enjoy fair-weather late spring and summer evenings. You can even bring your furry little {or big} loves along with you! Seriously, I don’t know if Charlotte gets any better than during the nights like tonight. Comfortable temperatures, beautiful sunsets, gorgeous skyline, and the sound of laughter, contentment and happiness all around you!

So the next time you get through Wednesday and feel like you need a little casual pick-me-up, head on down to the Party in the Park series, bring a picnic, some family and/or friends and I’ll meet you there!


{My sweet Ella pup and me}

What do you do in the middle of the week to give yourself a little mental break to make it through to the weekend? Share and leave a comment below!